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Robert Grant Farm (BE 1158)

The Robert FrankHouse Located on Petersburg Road, this house is said to have been built for Robert Grant in 1922, replacing an earlier residence on the same site (labeled “Erastus Randall” on Lake’s atlas) that was destroyed by fire. It is a frame dormer front bungalow with shed dormer, broad porch and Craftsman windows. The foundation incorporates sections of fieldstone walls that likely were part of the original residence.

The farm includes a significant group of outbuildings, including a timber-frame banked barn and a large smokehouse. A smaller barn incorporates large timbers that may have been salvaged from the burned house.

Robert Grant, an inventor and expert woodworker, devised the farm gates, with ingenious weight-and-pulley systems, and the built-in Hoosier cupboard in the summer kitchen.

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