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The Obituary of Thomas Zane Roberts

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The following article appeared on the front page of the Janurary 22nd, 1925 edition of the Boone County Recorder

Thomas Z. Roberts was found dead at his home on Middle Creek, Thursday evening, January 15th, at four o’clock in the afternoon. He had been attending to his usual duties all day Thursday and had made no complaint to any of the family. He had suffered with shortness of breath and an affection of the heart and this was no doubt, the cause of his death. Mr. Roberts was born in a very short distance of where he died. He had resided on that farm all of the seventy-three years of his life. He united with the Middle Creek Baptist Church in early life and remained a member of this church until it was moved to Bellevue and his membership was with that church at the time of his death.

He was a consistent Christian and lived the life of his Master and Savior as near as it was in his power to do. He was a student and genius, well versed in the Bible and its history, as well as other good literature. He was a natural mechanic, one of his mechanical achievements was the building of a clock that not only recorded the time, but the moon changes, rising and setting of the sun and the day of the week and month. Mr. Roberts spent the greater part of his life farming but he also taught school for a number of years. He did no man wrong.

The funeral services were held in Bellevue Baptist Church which was filled with his relatives and friends. He is survived by a brother, John Roberts of Covington, and two sisters, Mary Craven and Mrs. Ella Beasley, who are in California, He was never married. Burial was in Burlington cemetery. Undertaker C. Scott Chambers of Walton, was in charge of the funeral arrangements.

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