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John S. Ransom

John S. Ransom, b. 1 Jan 1815 to Richard Ransom and Mildred Simpson, married Juliet Kay, b. 7 April 1816 to James Kay and Verlinda, 28 July 1838 in Boone County by William Hume. The marriage was bonded by Juliet's brother Richard Kay. Juliet's father, James Kay (d. 1833) was a Revolutionary War veteran.

In 1840, John's father Richard sold him everything he needed to set up a separate household with Juliet for $500. John and Juliet had eight children, seven of which are buried in Salem Predestinarian Baptist Church Cemetery: James Edward May 1840-March 1918; Mary M. September 1849- June 1851; Tabitha A. Jan 1842- Mar 1849; Sarah E. Jan 1843- Feb 1849; an infant 8 May 1839; John Richard June 1855- Mar 1856 and Nancy J. Oct 1851- Oct 1865. Juliet Frances, Jul 1859- Oct 1941, is buried in Grant County.

John's obituary from the Boone County Recorder, dated 19 June 1901, states: “he was a man possessed of genius, energy and enterprise that ranked him among the first as a citizen of Boone County, where he was born, ad lied the greater part of his life. His quiet, affable, amiable disposition won the love, esteem and respect of all with whom he came in contact; his generous, hospitality was proverbial.”

John is buried next to Juliet, who died in May of 1895, in Salem Predestinarian Baptist Church Cemetery. John (and presumably, Juliet) became a member of Salem Predestinarian in August 1843. Their only children who survived to adulthood, James Edward (Ed) and Juliet Frances (Julie) inherited the property. Of note, Ed also inherited the Ransom house on Teal Road from Thomas Vest sometime before 1880. After the death of John, Ed's daughter Juliet Edna moved into the house on Teal, when her parents moved into the Ransom homestead.

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