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Revolutionary War in Boone County

While the American Revolution did not primarily take place in Boone County, several major battles occurred in Kentucky, and involved Kentuckians under General George Rogers Clark and others.

Many Revolutionary veterans settled in Boone County and received land grants here. There was activity around the Big Bone Lick, and along the Ohio River. It had a great influence on subsequent Boone County history.

Revolutionary War veterans who resided in Boone County

  • Aldridge, William, Maryland, private
  • Alexander, Lt. James, his wife Jerusha Alexander, d. 12 Jan 1843, age 90 is buried at New Bethel Baptist Church Cem., Verona
  • Allen, Isham, Virginia, private
  • Allphin, Ransom, Virginia; possibly buried in Allphin family cemetery
  • Allphin, Zebulon, Virginia; possibly buried in Allphin family cemetery
  • Anderson, Thomas, Virginia
  • Barlow, Joseph, Virginia
  • Barkshire, Richard “Dicky,” Pennsylvania, Ensign
  • Beech, Asa, Connecticut, private
  • Brady, William, South Carolina, private
  • Brasher, Henry, New York
  • Bridges, John, Virginia, private
  • Brown, John New Jersey, captain
  • Brunner, Jacob, New Jersey, private
  • Burns, James; Pennsylvania, private, d. 1817
  • Butler, Richard, New Jersey, private
  • Burns, James, Pennsylvania, private
  • Clarkson, David, Virginia, private
  • Craig, John Hawkins, Virginia, private and quartermaster general, d. 8 Apr 1852; buried Craig Graveyard, East Bend, near Gunpowder Creek, DAR marker on the grave
  • Craig, John; Virginia, captain; d. after 1817
  • Gilpin, Israel, Delaware, captain
  • Goff, Daniel, Virginia line, [age 80 in 1840] African American patriot, died in Boone County
  • Golding, William; private, Virginia Line
  • Graves, John, Virginia, captain Culpepper militia; buried in Graves-Duncan Cemetery in Hebron
  • Hamilton, William, Virginia, private
  • Hayden, Jeremiah, Virginia, private
  • Hubbell, Richard, his wife Anna Hubbell, d. 13 Aug 1823, age 53
  • Johnson, Cave, Virginia, private, d. 19 Jan 1850; buried in Sand Run Baptist Church Cemetery; son of William and Elizabeth Johnson of Virginia
  • Jones, Leroy, Kentucky, private
  • Kay, James, Virginia, private, d. 12 July 1833; buried in Old Salem Predestinarian Cemetery
  • Kennedy, Joseph, Virginia, private
  • McPherson, Alexander, Pennsylvania, private
  • Matthews, James, on Boone County list of rejected pension applicants – uncertain
  • Piatt, Jacob, New Jersey, adjutant and captain
  • Reed, Zachariah, Georgia, private
  • Rouse, Jacob, Virginia, private - He was 84 at time of pension application 4 Dec 1832
  • Rouse, Samuel, Virginia, private
  • Rouse, Lewis, Virginia, private
  • Ross, Alexander, Virginia, private
  • Ruddeel, James, Virginia, private
  • Smither, William, Virginia, private
  • Steers, Hugh, d. 12 Jan 1846, age 90; buried in Steers Cemetery, Glencairn (Ferguson) Farm, Union. Steers emigrated from Ireland at age 18
  • Stephenson, James, New Jersey, private
  • Stribling, Samuel, Virginia, private
  • Swindle, John, Virginia, private
  • Tanner, Frederick, Virginia, private
  • Taylor, John, Maryland, private
  • Thomas, Nathan, Maryland, private
  • Tomlinson, John [age 81 in 1840]
  • Vance, Thomas, New Jersey, private
  • Vest, George, Old Salem ? - He was 76 at time of pension application 10 Jan 1833

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