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Boone County


  • John Gano, Thomas Carneal, and Richard Gano purchase land from Thomas Kennedy and lay out a city at the Point. They name it Covington for War of 1812 general Leonard Covington.

U.S. & World

  • The Tambora volcano erupts in Indonesia, killing 10,000. The dust thrown up by the eruption, perhaps the greatest in recorded history, will cause the summer of 1816 to be unusually cold in many parts of the world; disease and famine caused by the volcanic ash will kill another 80,000.
  • Napoleon returns to France from exile to rule for 100 Days. He is defeated at Waterloo by British, Dutch, and German troops and is exiled to St. Helena in the South Atlantic. He will die there six years later.
  • British road surveyor John McAdam pioneers a harder, smoother road surface made of crushed stones and is immortalized when the new paving is called macadam.

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