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Ryle's Supermarket and Odd Fellows Building (BE 36 and BE 194)

<html><img alt=“Ryle's Supermarket and office” src=“” width=“300” align=“right” title=“Ryle's Supermarket and office”></html> The Ryle's Supermarket and Odd Fellows Building is one of the county's finest mixed-use commercial buildings, with first-floor storefront and upper-story meeting rooms. It was built on Tanner Street in Petersburg in 1913 using brick salvaged from the warehouses of the now-defunct Boone County Distilling Company.

The building consists of a rectangular two-story block with overhanging hipped roof. A commemorative stone tablet bears the inscription “IOOF 1913.” Historical photos demonstrate that it has seen no exterior alteration since its construction.

This building was added to the National Register in 1989.

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