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Price Family

Albert and Frances Souther Price were wealthy Boone County land owners. Albert Price was born in 1822 in Layefette County and Francis Souther was born in 1827 in Boone County. The couple married in 1844 and had four children Williamson E. (b.1845), Andrew B. (b. 1847), William A. (b.1850), and Ann M. (b.1852). The Price's 1,500 acre farm was located between today's Houston and Turfway roads near Marydale Seminary, Turfway Park, and the Greater Cincinnati Airport. Albert Price was also a successful real estate prospector with over $500,000 worth of property in Chicago, IL.

Albert Price died in 1874. In his will, Price allocated funds to pave a section of the Florence-Anderson Ferry turnpike from his property to downtown Florence. The road became known as Price Pike. Over the years, parts of the pike disappeared and/or became part of Turfway Road. Only a small section of the pike remains today connecting Shelby and Girard Streets to Burlington Pike.

The Price family was important to the history of Florence, but Albert and Frances Price are also tied to Boone County's African American history. As a large estate owner, Albert Price did own slaves. However, when the Civil War ended and slavery was abolished, records indicate Price helped to assist some of his former slaves with jobs and places to live. In the 1870 census, several African Americans are listed as residents and workers on the Price farm. A number of these African American residents correspond to slaves recorded on the 1860 slave schedule for Albert Price. The 1883 atlas of Boone County also shows an African American community located on Price Pike near the Price house. Among the families living in this community are the Murrays who were listed with the Price family in the 1870 census.

One African American woman in particular, Agnes Price, appears to have held a significant place within the Price family. According to corresponding slave schedules, Agnes Price may have been a slave for Price family as early as 1850. Agnes Price appears as a resident of the Price farm in 1870 and a domestic servant for Frances Price and her mother Matlida Yeager Souther in 1880. It is not known when Agnes Price died or where she is buried.

Frances Price died in 1905. Albert and Frances Price are buried in the Florence Cemetery along with several of their parents, children and other family members. The Price burial is marked by an ornate, tall obelisk.

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