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Whitfield Early is Sheriff.


Boone County

  • The town of Burlington is first incorporated.
  • The General Pike, a high-pressure steamboat of 150 tons, is built at Big Bone.
  • The General Assembly approved an Act to legalize the proceedings of the Trustees of the town of Burlington. (28 December 28, 1824; Collins, “History of Kentucky”, Vol. 2, page 51, states: “Burlington, the county seat of Boone county was incorporated in 1824.”


  • The Court of Appeals abolishes the Old Court and establishes a new court. The Old Court refuses to be abolished beginning a state court crisis.

U.S. & World

  • Congress passes the Tariff Act of 1824, promoted by Henry Clay to support American industry.
  • The Marquise de Lafayette, America's French ally during the Revolutionary War, comes for a year-long tour of the nation.
  • Robert Owen becomes a prominent British reformer, preaching in favor of the abolition of slavery, the liberation of women, and the end of exploitation. He starts the New Harmony commune in Indiana, the first of many doomed Owenite communities in the United States.

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