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Boone County

  • The town of Landing is established.
  • Isham Hamilton becomes County Clerk following the death of Willis Graves.
  • Joshua Zimmerman donates land on Dry Creek, near Florence, for a school.
  • In Burlington, there seems to be no more recorded sales of lots by the Trustees. (It may be that all lots had been sold by that time.)
  • Florence Christian Church constructs second building.


  • James G. Birney of Danville forms the Kentucky Anti-Slavery Society.
  • The first locomotive west of the Alleghenies begins service from Lexington.
  • The Kentucky Rifles are organized in nearby Newport to support the Texas fight for independence from Mexico.

U.S. & World

  • A new Seminole War begins in Florida Territory after Seminole leader Osceola is arrested. He escapes and leads two years of guerilla activity against white settlers in the area.
  • Congress pays off the national debt, raising the question of how to allocate surplus revenues in the United States.
  • A poverty-stricken Hans Christian Andersen publishes a volume of his Fairy Tales.

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