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John Cave is Sheriff.


Boone County

  • The Burlington Turnpike is established from Porter's Ferry on the Ohio River opposite Lawrenceburg, to a point on the Covington-Lexington Turnpike towards the direction of Georgetown.
  • An 1836 act of the General Assembly stated: “The trustees of Burlington shall have the power to cause the side walks or streets of said town to be paved, etc”.


  • The legislature establishes a common school system, creating districts within each county.
  • The Kentucky Rifles fight for Texan independence at the Battle of San Jacinto.
  • The Kentucky Geological Survey is formed.

U.S. & World

  • Mexican President Santa Anna sends an army to the Alamo, eventually overwhelming and killing the fort's defenders.
  • Texas settlers declare independence from Mexico. They defeat Mexican troops at the Battle of San Jacinto and pass a constitution legalizing slavery in the new republic.
  • Southern members of Congress get a majority in the House to pass a gag rule effectively prohibiting all discussion of anti-slavery petitions. The rule remains in effect till the mid-1840s.
  • The transcendentalist movement develops in the U.S. as Ralph Waldo Emerson publishes his essay, Nature.

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